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Pipe Construction – Wall Mount big for Evergreen 226

Pipe Construction – Wall Mount big for Evergreen 226

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Pipe Construction – Wall Mount big for Evergreen 226

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Product Description

“Pipe Construction – Wall mount big for Evergreen 226 / All Scales”



This is a wall mount connector fitting to evergreen plastic tubes no. 226.
This wall mount has two connectors. The inner diameter will fit exactly to the evergreen 226 tubes!
The valve will be delivered including the printed support structure which must be removed and cleaned!
The Set contains total 2x wall mounts, evergreen profiles not included!

Product informations

Please note, that a 3D printed model can show some kind of “steps” on the model. This is a result of the thousands layers used during the printing process. The steps are mikromillimeter thickness and can be removed very simple. After you have cleaned your model, take a small flat brush and wet it with aceton! Than stroke the brush with fast up and down movements on the area where you see the steps on the model. You will see, that the visible steps disappear instantly – if necessary repeat this process until you are satisfied with the result!
Please note security advice while working with aceton! Dont smoke, no flames, wear breath protection and gloves.

If you want to add parts to the model use superglue only. If you need to fill some gaps you can use any filler/putty from modeling brands!

Additional Information

Weight 100 g

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