Pipe Construction – Connection short IN-IN for MAiMPxx-226 Pipes


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Pipeline / Pipes Construction kit for the ambitious diorama builder; the perfect complement to the MAiM Pxx-226 pipe set. This connector can be perfectly combined with all MAiM pipes from the Pxx-226 series. The inner diameter is exactly adapted to the strength of the MAiM tubes! 
The set contains 2 pieces. Pictured MAiM pipes are not included! 

The connectors are supplied with a printed support structure (support). The support must be removed and then slandered.

What the Resinguss the known? 3D printed models in the form of a support structure. These supports are necessary because a 3D printer does not print in the air and always needs a base on which to build the model. Similarly, the principle of injection molding in a classic plastic model kit. There are hardly any disadvantages with 3D models, apart from the exception that it prints out to a minimal visible “step formation”. can come. This phenomenon is only 90% visible visually. This circumstance can be processed with simple means (smooth with acetone) and finally neutralized completely by a primer or painting!

product Notes

If you have no experience with handling or overpainting of 3D printed models, please note our short manual which you can find in the tab “Instructions” as pdf. Find a document. You can also watch a short video that will show you how easy it is to use 3D models and what tools you need or are recommended by the manufacturer.

The model is delivered unpainted. The synthetic resin is either in black or gray color. Paint to paint the figure is not included. If you want to continue working on this model, use instant glue as an adhesive. If you want to level off individual areas, you can use any type of putty from the model range offer!


This kit is not suitable for beginners and children under 14 years. This article is not a toy. Resin is a synthetic resin that can release small dust particles, especially when cutting and / or filing. Please wear respiratory protection for your own protection and ensure adequate ventilation at the workplace. When cleaning your model with acetone, please observe the safety instructions of the manufacturer. Do not smoke or let an open flame within reach burn. If necessary wear safety gloves and respiratory protection. Only work in well-ventilated areas.

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