MAIM Construction Workers with back pain / 1/35 scale 3D printed model


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3D printed model kit for a figure / construction worker plastic from Modern Armies in Miniatures, MAiM!
1:35 scale.

The model is 3D printed. No assembly is necessary!
The model is freed from the rough support structure as soon as possible after finishing the 3D printing on the components! The model builder only has the task of removing the remaining support struts and sanding the sprue points and, if necessary, filling small holes that may result from removing the support!

3D printed models offer many advantages compared to resin cast models. So z. B. the construction by gluing individual components, because we have the possibility in 3D printing to produce a figure / model as a whole. You do not need any glue, you do not have to fill or adjust gaps on individual components!

What the well-known ?? sprue blocks ?? represent, you will find in 3D printed models in the form of a support structure. These supports are necessary because a 3D printer does not print in the air and always needs a base on which to build the model. The principle of the molded parts is similar for a classic plastic model kit. There are almost no disadvantages with 3D models, with the exception that there is a minimal visible ?? step formation ?? can come. 99% of this phenomenon can only be recognized optically. This fact can be almost completely neutralized by a fine and sufficient primer (we recommend a primer with microfiller)!

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The model is delivered unpainted. The resin is either black or gray in color. Color for painting the figure is not included. If you want to edit this model further, use super glue as an adhesive. If you want to fill individual areas, you can use any type of filler from the model range!

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