1/35 scale 3D printed model kit – Battered garbage bin / 1:35


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Product Info: “Battered garbage bin / 1:35”

  • Scale / Serie 1:35
  • Manufacturer MAiM / Front46
  • Diorama Stuff 1:35 Diorama Stuff, Machines / Workshop



This is a battered garbage bin by MAiM – Modern Armies in Miniatures of the 2nd Generation! The bin can be presented in open or closed version. You can fill the bin with any kind of things you like!

The model is 3D printed in resin. You dont need to assemble the model.
The scale is 1:35, unpainted – color is not included.
Please note that this bin is offered as damaged and battered version; it will be delivered in this condition as well!
The model will be delivered without the printed support Structure! Only thing you have to do is to sand the remaining support dots / areas on the model, which are left during the removing of the support!

Product informations

Please note, that a 3D printed model can show some kind of “steps” on the model. This is a result of the thousands layers used during the printing process. The visible steps will be nearly disappear after you have primed the model with several fine layers by using a primer, if possible with microfiller!

If you want to add parts to the model use superglue only. If you need to fill some gaps you can use any filler/putty from modeling brands!

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